About What We Do
What are personalised gifts?

When shopping for a gift, it is important to carefully consider what to buy for the recipient. Personalised gifts offer the chance to customize your chosen item, including the color, text, images, and designs. This allows you to create a gift that is fully personalized and designed specifically for the recipient.

What makes personalised gifts so special?                                           Personalised gifts offer a unique touch, showcasing the thought and effort put into them. They can be tailored to match your desired design and occasion. Each personalised gift is likely to have a story attached to it, making the occasion memorable and evoking special memories.

Why do people love personalised products?                                                          A tailor-made gift demonstrates that thoughtful time and effort went into choosing the ultimate present, amplifying its importance for the recepiant .


My order hasn't arrived yet - Where is it?

  1. We recommend checking the confirmation email you received after placing your order, this will state your estimated delivery date

  2. If your order has been dispatched, you can use the following guide to estimate its expected arrival.                                                               Standard delivery 2-4 working days after dispatch                             Express Delivery 1-3 working days after dispatch

  3. Check your tracking number                                                                                                                                                                
  4. If your order has not arrived after the estimated delivery time please contact customer service and will be more than happy to assist you

My order arrived damaged

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Our commitment to using high-quality packing materials ensures that your items are protected during shipping. However, we understand that unforeseen mishaps can occur during transit. To assist you further, please contact customer service and kindly provide us with a photo of your damaged order, and we will make every effort to resolve this issue for you.